Ny facebook meetup – impressive!

Just walked into a double conf room that is packed with about 60 people to talk to dave morin, fb’s director of platform, via skype screen call.

* “40 pct of fb’s users have added one or more applications. “

* “are land grabs happening around big concepts like movies and books? We allow any number of applications around same name concepts. “

I’d rather hear what the people in the room are working on but maybe there is a ‘meetup’ after.

* an older guy (ironically named michael moore) keeps asking a lot of non-trusting questions.

This is leverage. Dave can sit at his desk in palo alto and coach a roomful of hopeful developers on how to build more for his platform.

We live in a highly efficient market where the brightest minds will gravitate to big open oppts. Fb has clearly offered this.

* “we will hold developer meetups around the country” (can you say 50k more applications in 6 months).

* “best applications will mimic what fb has already built that use most integration pts.”

Showing demos of new fb applications.

* cruxy – typepad for digital media promoters. One click add to your profile is cool. You can also drag to other parts of your profile. Also looks up in your network to show friends cruxy links. Took a week to develop. Java backend. 3-4 days of coding. Long live sessions was tricky part.
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