Lerach finally gets his due

In a turn events that leads me to believe there is karma, the nytimes reports that william lerach, the scourge of silicon valley, has stepped down abruptly from his firm and speculates this is thr result of ongoing criminal incestigations of kickbacks paid to class action plaintiffs.

Lerach has brought suits against nearly every public company that faced a big stock drop including my former company, supportsoft. Most of these companies choose to settle (as support did) rather than face protracted suits. This is akin to the greenmail of the 80s.

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One thought on “Lerach finally gets his due

  1. So you think that Lerach’s only basis for suing was that the stock price dropped? Are you really so stupid as to think that a lawsuit could even survive if the plaintiffs did not have facts supporting evidence of fraud? Are you really so stupid as to think that a company, such as the one that you worked for would pay millions upon millions of dollars to settle if there was not strong merit to the plaintiffs’ case, recognizing that the cost of settling would far exceed whatever legal expenses were involved? It is truly amazing how many idiots and corrupt people are involved in major corporations. Which one of these are you? You sound like the former. Did you know that a court threw out Lerach’s original lawsuit against WorldCom because the court was biased in favor of the corrupt corporation and nothing more? It’s true. In fact, there are so many biased judges in favor of the corrupt corporations, that Lerach’s record of success becomes all that much more amazing. When the facts about WorldCom did ultimately come to light, the SEC finally stepped in. And where did they go to find the facts against WorldCom and to pursue “their” allegations? Why, they used Lerach’s original complaint–a vertiable blueprint of WorldCom’s crimes. Are you connecting the dots yet? I doubt it, but at least I tried.

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