Bought Planetout Today

bought a slug of shares of planetout today on the bad news. got in at $1.64. this was more of a flyer. dont know the story so be warned. just seemed really cheap at $28m market value with $75m in revenue. did read their mgt earnings call transcript which sounded like things have gone very badly there.

4 thoughts on “Bought Planetout Today

  1. I can’t comment on this particular stock, but I took Mark’s advice regarding Valero (VLO) and so far I’ve doubled my investment (98% profit). Not sure if he still has a position on that particular stock.
    So, I tend to take his advice pretty seriously even if it seems counter to what other people/experts say. Sometimes I think Mark is just lucky…

  2. That makes two of us Darian. HERO is up 25% in three months. In YHOO, I closed my position up 32%. Thanks again Mark. Like I said before, I hope to return the favor.

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