Steve Case talking

Listening to steve tell his story. His big message is that it takes a long time for consumer behavior to change. Its about staying in the game until it happense. He always believed in interactive services.

Today with revolution he is targeting fixing the fucked up healthcare system and building the leading power brand to fill a huge vacuum. People applauding him saying we will one day have a competitive marketplace for these services.

I’m impressed that he is clearly trying to get to the next level and not just focus on spending wealth. He’s thinking about his next 20 year contribution.

Re internet, he wonders if its *too* competitive today. Trends, ubiquity is good news. Bad news is too many startups.

Revolution’s idea to launch convenient health service retailers with walmart sounds really smart.

“VC is build to flip. Pvt equity is tweak to flip. We are taking 10-20 yrs.” Revolution because once you get traction, your business can explode.

AOL almost sold to compuserve in 1991 for 60m. Vcs wanted to sell. Case won by 1 vote. 10 yrs later worth 100 billion.

Bought miraval – top health spa. Building condos in ny and other communities that offer a complete health lifestyle. Adding costa rica and florida and ny. Betting on macro trend for boomers to focus on balanced health lifestyle.

Lots of good overlap with tony robbins, especially on health and wellnes focus.

Q: why did aol win? 1. Structural advantages. Comuserve owned by h and r block. Didn’t want huge growth, just predictable. 2. Genie – GE too conservative. About selling network capacity. 3. Prodigy – IBM and Sears, maybe 1 B was too much money. Wrong people. Central casting wouldn’t have sent them! 4. Msft – capacity to win but software co didn’t get consumer and community. *we just got lucky*

Yeah, right steve!

I always say I’d rather be called lucky than smart. Lucky means nobody understands how you did it.
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2 thoughts on “Steve Case talking

  1. Mark,
    Could you please expand on the: “Re internet, he wonders if its *too* competitive today. Trends, ubiquity is good news. Bad news is too many startups.”
    Was this within healthcare, as a whole? Do you agree?

  2. So, Mark…. How would you feel about a concept that hybridizes the luxury resort with a more intensive healthcare focus that includes comprehensive health screening and care with the latest in technology? If you are interested in the concept, I have a potential deal for you or other investors with a modern medical practice in a high desert resort setting complete with high end MRI, CT, Ultrasound, oncology care, cardiac care etc…etc…etc..

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