What learned at Dialog

Spent the past few days in new orleans at auren hoffman’s conf. What’s different about dialog is that its all about the people interacting as opposed to most conferences where that happens in between sessions.

Anyway, I learned from the cato institute that I’m not actually a libertarian, according to their definition.

I am in favor of gun control. I’m all for the federal govt intervening in my personal second amendment rights, so that the rest of society can be more safe. I don’t believe that the rights of a small number of nuts to have handguns and oozies are worth protecting when we see the cost in lives all the time.

Besides that, this is the most obvious way for a terrorist to attack. Send an army in through mexico amongst the millions. Take advantage of america’s insanely lax system of selling and policing guns, and launch simultaneous attacks in mass public places.

The other brilliant point from matt cohler of facebook was that if 57 pct of the country have libertarian views but only 2 pct are in the party, its just bad marketing to use that name. Why not start a new movement within the dem or republican parties that goes after these mainstream ideals.

At this point it seems pretty obvious the urban educated mainstream wants fiscal conservatism and social liberalism. We get hijacked by both parties. Dems into high taxes for big socialist govt. Republicans for wacko social stuff like anti-abortion or school prayer.

Both parties remain firmly rooted in ideals going back to the beginning of the last century. The new deal isn’t new or such a deal after 100 yrs! Hellooo! Stopping gay marriage or right to serve in the military? Are you kidding? Does anyone else ever read headlines or hear bush and wonder if they’re living in a time capsule?

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3 thoughts on “What learned at Dialog

  1. Maybe this word is being used by some other movement, but I’m all about the word ‘Progressive’. To me progressive means socially open minded but also responsible.
    1. I don’t like the word ‘liberal’ (Democrat) because it implies ‘too much’. When you hear the words ‘apply liberally’ in any situation, you think “Oh, I can use as much as I want and I don’t need any regard for anything”
    2. By using the term progressive, one implies that he/she is looking towards the future, planning a future, being pro-active.
    3. If you’re not Progressive then you’re a Regressive? Degressive? Whatever you are, it would seem that you are stuck in the past and not living in reality.
    4. Progressive means planning and creating a future without poverty, without guns in the streets, without government telling you how to live your life. Progressive also means planning and creating a future with preventative health care that will save us money, with freedom to be who you are, with a clean and healthy environment.
    I am a Progressive.

  2. Most libertarians these days are active in the Republican Party. The GOP you describe as “Bible Belters” is the GOP of the 1980s and early ’90s.
    The Republican Party has become far more libertarian in recent years. You should have seen it in the ’80s. They hated us libertarians. Now they roll out the red carpet for us.
    Don’t buy into the Socialist clap trap that the GOP is a bunch of Religious Rightists. Nowadays even the RR types are turning libertarian on a variety of issues.
    Educate yourself, before you start making prejudicial statements like above, that the GOP is home to intolerant RRs. That’s precisely what the Fascists in the Democrat Party want you to believe.
    Eric Dondero, CEO
    Founder, Republican Liberty Caucus

  3. Eric – Then why do the evangelicals in the GOP seem to dominate the debate? Certainly doesn’t seem like their sway has lessened any. Did you see the HBO documentary on evanglicals in America called Friends of God? It was incredible, eye-opening and pretty funny at times. Scary, as well!
    I would definitely consider myself libertarian… lately, I’m leaning back towards the dem side of the fence.
    When I have enough money that I don’t want to be taxed to death (although, Bush has done a horrible job on this side of the fence too, so you can’t give republicans credit here either, at least not lately)… only THEN will I worry about it all getting taxed away.
    Personally, I think we have a better shot at getting the dems to be more fiscally conservative (than they’re known for, again, not nearly as bad as bush’s war fiasco), than getting the GOP evangelicas to cave on social issues.

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