Yhoo trade

I’m not usually such a short term investor but do want to point out for readers of this blog that if you followed my advice on yhoo you would have gotten in at 27 and then 24 and out at 32 which I believe is the highest price yhoo will see this year.

I still like yhoo long term as a content and community company. I believe once they give up competing with google and focus their resources on being number one in content they will be a valuable 100B company.

I will look to rebuild position down below 25.
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One thought on “Yhoo trade

  1. Great call (and great calls too). Looks like Microsoft agrees for all the wrong reasons.
    There is talk of an offer for YHOO, which was no doubt blowback from Citizen Rupport’s no money down offer for WSJ.com, etc. But the elephant in the room that is “click fraud” appears to avoid detection in all this coverage.
    All this to say that in spite of these great YHOO gains, it’s hard to park money down a rabbit hole and sleep well at night. Maybe I just need to take the Cealis like the TV tells me, but I still think I am a little too young for that; and I don’t imagine there is much left over after Mitt’s run to the Beltway.

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