wondering if/when the windows pc will reach extinction

i just bought a new ibm (lenovo) laptop. it has been a ridiculous experience and leads me to believe that other than supporting the many corporate IT jobs, these products may have reached the end of their life.

  • the machine required an IT guy to spend a day (and night) moving and setting up.
  • the increased resolution also means that your outlook email is too small to read.
  • it has problems and bugs like the wireless connection going on and off.
  • it resets many of my defaults to things helpful to the manufacturer like changing my home page to lenovo. (now that’s a great idea. i’m sure many people will get value from that.)
  • finally, there is no noticable improvement in performance (the original reason for upgrading!)

anyway, the lesson is that i’m an idiot for a) still being dependent on windows computing and b) upgrading to a new one. i hope you can avoid my pitfalls. pls buy a mac and save yourselves. i may be too late.

5 thoughts on “wondering if/when the windows pc will reach extinction

  1. Didn’t you buy a mac a while back?? I remember you saying you were going to. I’ve been thinking about making the move to a mac but still have not done so. Most people I’ve spoke with say “once you go mac, you never go back” haha Ok maybe they didn’t say that but everyone seems to say that once they bought a mac it was only a matter of weeks before their PC was dumped. Especially since you can now run windows on macs. What is your thinking on this? What has your Mac experience been?

  2. It is never too late! Get a Mac and you’ll never go back.
    It’s funny you should relate this experience as we *just* had a critical Windows system (on a confocal microscope) throw up on itself and refuse to boot. The system tells us to use the emergency backup disk, but Windows tells us that it will not boot from anything other than a floppy disk…….. It….does….not….have….a…..floppy….disk and we are trapped in a recursive error loop with no way to remove the data on the hard drives. We’ve been moving any system we can off of Windows now for a while and onto Macs for many, many reasons like this, especially because many of the microscope manufacturers are also telling us *not* to plug the systems into the Internet! making file transfers more difficult.
    So, the solution? Remove the hard drive from the Windows computer, and plug it into my shiny new MacPro which had no problem reading the hard drive and we rescued all of the data.

  3. I just bought an Acer Travelmate 3045, and I have been thinking the same the whole day. On top of it, I am upset that there’s no longer any excitement in the experience. Even with Vista, which feels like XP. Underwhelmed…

  4. I have a brand new HP notebook with Vista and have zero problems and love it (this being from a 20 year tech veteran hacker). It just works, really well.
    A good friend (sitting across from me) converted to a mac and has exactly the issues you describe. Constant hardware issues, poor software, weird errors. He curses it everyday.
    Grass isn’t always gr33n3r.

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