2 thoughts on “Jon Stewart best coverage of viacom lawsuit

  1. Just watched this clip. Man, is it funny. And, I’ve watched this guy before–he seems to have all the same mannerisms, some of the same humor, and much of the same lingo as Mark Pincus. I think they were separated at birth… Very funny.

  2. I have law suit against Viacom and John Stewart in Dallas Federal Court for over 2 years these loosers used my image to promote a real comercial product with Pat Robertsons of Cbn the 700 club .I have sued them for Copyright issues and misapparation of my Image they argue it was fair use act ,and 1 amendment right ,but they sue Google and you tube for what they did to me .John Stewart is a worhless Jew who is ashamed of his name I took his depositionand he lied about even being producer of show ,maybe adolph hitler could send him a ezay bake oven for christmas oh thats right the worhless jew doesnt belive in christmas ,summer redstone ceo of viacom is a worthless piece of garbage this old looser sues people for what he did to me what a looser.

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