TED notes

– a married couple who each maintain multiple avatars on second life. Sometimes they lay in bed with their laptops and talk to each other.

– a digital artist who tracks the world’s feelings by ‘passively viewing’ blogs on a site called “wefeelfine” (not sure if that’s the url.

– a hilarious poet named ‘rives’ who explored the conspiracy to give ‘4 am’ a bad name. He traced the beginning of this movement to an artist in 1932 and tracked its progression in songs by paul simon and quotes by bill clinton.

– john doerr’s impassioned plea for us to wake up and make a difference in the fight to stop global warming by cutting our co2 emissions.

– some guys who have developed a new totally touch based interface to computing that allows real time collaboration on an interactive wall.

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2 thoughts on “TED notes

  1. it’s 4 in the morning, the end of december, i’m writing you now just to see if you’re better – l cohen

  2. Jeez – that couple sounds so cool. NOT.
    Could you please make Ted sound a little lamer?

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