google earth as nav and ad display?

i havent followed closely but i’m wondering if anyone knows whether google plans to make google earth an interface for finding location specfic information. obviously, letting you surf through real estate listings would be super cool. i would love to virtually fly down the coast of california browsing beach front property for sale or fly through colorado and utah and look for cheap land and ranches. cant imagine it would be that hard to integrated with an mls database and then offer a side option to click on with listings.

anyone know how *open* the platform is? can third parties integrate services?

2 thoughts on “google earth as nav and ad display?

  1. They appear to have relatively liberal terms:
    However there seems to be a gap in the market, someone needs to do a white-label maps product that has a clear business model that doesn’t introduce channel conflict. Probably some levels of pay-per-use make sense. Maybe Amazon will start doing this kind of thing, or maybe theres some startup out there doing it?
    Or…maybe Navteq itself will get into the game.

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