why i missed aggregate knowledge – lessons on my birthday

it’s my birthday today and i woke up with one deep regret which i hope will turn into a valuable life lesson. when my cofounders from tribe (paul martino and chris law) went off to launch their new venture, aggregate knowledge, i failed to actively support them.

chris and paul brilliantly took a learning we found at tribe about the value of ‘people mapping’ and applied it to much more valuable areas such as surfacing more relevant content, much like amazon’s recommendation engine but applied to any site and data type.

it sounds like they are killing it. i heard from several people that their product was one of the most exciting at Demo this year.

i wish you guys continued success and want you to know that i am ready to help kick your butts to make sure you continue to think and act big and bold.

2 thoughts on “why i missed aggregate knowledge – lessons on my birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Mark!
    Even though our paths may not have crossed as often as we’d have wanted after Tribe your advice and experience were really valuable.
    Paul and I have always admired your ability find the big trends before others do and your courage to iterate until you get to the right answer.
    Let’s hang out more!

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