More thoughts on pelosi’s plane

I do not know the inside story, only what has been widely reported. My understanding is that she requested a plane that could go cross country and apparently that meant a very large plane.

Pelosi may somehow be doing nothing worse than anyone else in her position.

I still do not understand why the govt couldn’t just fly her in a citation X or G4 or many other pvt jets that can circle the globe. I’ve heard the argument about safety but don’t understand why a pvt jet with a secret serviceman isn’t adequate.

I will reiterate that I believe its abusive for a Democrat who is outspoken about govt watse to accept such largess.

I have taken a few personal attacks over this position, been accused of ‘parroting the Republican position’ and failing to learn the real facts.

If there are key facts I’m missing, it would be great for someone to post them here.

Message to Pelosi – why don’t you turn this into a PR win by refusing to accept such a waste? How amazing would it be if u insisted on flying commercial (every other hour from dulles?)? Maybe you’d be elected the next president. It would set you apart. I don’t believe the military can force the speaker to do anything and if they tried, great! Even more PR.

And to Pelosi’s representatives like Brian Wolff, maybe you can start responding to all of us ‘pathetic’, ‘stupid’ bloggers in a more informative and respectful manner…? Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

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