Dash – new era in car internet

this is why i love silicon valley. here is a product that we’ve all talked about and assumed would one day come, yet waited assuming some big car company would just do it (so obvious).  as a pilot, i’ve gotten used to sophisticated avionics that pretty much flies the plane. it’s always been odd though to get back into the car and deal with such primitive systems.

anyway, sounds like companies like Dash are going to quickly change that and even surpass the plane cockpit (which still doesnt talk to the net).

ironically, it has been reported that bill gates’ first business idea was to measure highway traffic and sell the data. wonder if he’ll get back into that business. i’ve wanted this ever since i commuted daily to palo alto and to monitor morning radio to figure out whether 101 or 280 was blocked that day.

3 thoughts on “Dash – new era in car internet

  1. Hey Mark-
    Long time reader, first time commentor. I’m an equity analyst following the navigation sector, so I thought I could shed a little light on your last point. MSFT spun off their traffic tracking segment-Inrix- a couple of years ago. They now compete with Traffic.com which is in the process of being acquired by NAVTEQ, and also more traditional approaches from providers such as Clear Channel. At any rate, we should indeed see some innovation in the space over the next few years. Thanks for the blog, the posts are generally short but always heartfelt and interesting.

  2. I’ve always thought that Garmin could pay drivers to track their habits and they would have incredible data on everything from “people that shop here also shop here” to average driving speeds of people on Route 57. The data would be incredible. It would be the alexa, neilson (sp?) of the car world.

  3. i own navteq and garmin and did not even think of all the plays and monetary sources yet.
    inning 1
    Lojack management disappoints me. they should be ruling the world

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