Democrats suck just as much! Look at pelosi’s plane request

Nancy pelosi’s request for her own airforce one jet proves they’re just as corrupt.

Her requirement for a jet with 45 bizclass seats and a crew of 16 is perfect proof that both parties will abuse power equally.
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9 thoughts on “Democrats suck just as much! Look at pelosi’s plane request

  1. If we dig a bit deeper, after 911, the Republican speaker, Dennis Hastert was afforded the same privilege. It is as important for the US to protect the Speaker (3rd from the White House) as it would be, say, to protect ministers in Israel.

  2. forget pelosi and look in your own back yard of san francisco if you want to find a corrupt and sleezy democrat….two words: GAVIN NEWSOME

  3. Don’t play into the hands of the Republicans by jumping on her about this one. It is a carryover of a “security perk” given to Hastert and one that is reasonable for the person that’s 2nd in line to the presidency. The plane that was given to Hastert does not have the range to reach California. They will not be purchasing a new plane, but using one that’s already in the Air Force fleet — and its annual cost is WAY less than we spend in Iraq in a single hour (estimated to be $100,000 annually — peanuts).
    Let this one go.

  4. marc,
    It would have taken two seconds and google to realize that your statement was ridiculous……google that you supposedly made money off of. Just goes to show that you can be a complete idiot and still make a living. Pathetic.

  5. The request was not made by Pelosi but by a Congressional staffer who is responsible for the safety of the 3rd person in-line to the President. This bloggers comments are pure partisan hyperbole. I suppose that’s why blogs are popular but since I’m looking for blogs to enlighten & amuse, I’m considering dropping this one.

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