is back!

my old company supportsoft is launching a new consumer service under the name in a bit of sweet irony, the company is considering changing its name back to this would be great as i still wear the t-shirts and carry the coffee mugs.

it appears they are already intelligently marketing other comanies’ services while developing their own at

i have a lot of thoughts and reactions to this move.

first, i think the name was awesome when i paid a watermellon farmer in iowa $1 million back in 1999. it’s been a wasting asset so i’m happy to see it actually used.

second, i think that supportsoft today represents one of the biggest, best funded startups in the world. the company has $120 million in cash and was orphaned by the vc’s (accel and mobius) years ago when they distributed their stock and jumped off the board. unfortunately, there isnt a board member left with any real stake in the company. (btw, i’m impressed with the new ceo, josh pickus, whom i met with one time.)

so third, i *love* the idea that josh is going for it. the company has amazing technology but tech support software is a mature segment that cannot support big companies. going for the branded consumer relationship is smart and represents a viable way to grow big.

and finally, i people will again know what i’m talking about when i say i founded! 

3 thoughts on “ is back!

  1. *META COMMENT* Does anyone else miss the beer drinking picture and corresponding inebriated rants? Where is all the random profanity? Hilarious attacks on some poor guy who annoyed you 15 years ago at business school?
    I suppose that since you are back to a “real” job at Tribe, you have to tone down the maverick image. Fair enough, other people’s livelihoods rely on your reputation. But the blog is becoming a little dull…I’m thinking you are the John McCain of blogging.

  2. I want to see a blog entry where you reconnect with the millionare Iowa watermelon farmer and dish some details about how that affected his lifestyle. A lot of bling on his new John Deere? Any sightings of him with Paris? New drug and/or gambling habits?

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