democrats were actually lamer than republicans tonight!

after listening to bush and the democratic rebut, i’m amazed that the democrats are so stupid. they lead off saying how they dont want to be partisan and then of course do just that. they launch into a ridiculous talk about how the real problem is the disparity between rich and poor and how american jobs are going offshore. it seems that every time the dems get a majority they assume its a mandate from the working class people to go after the rich and protect jobs. the dems appropriately refer back to teddy roosevelt and andrew jackson which seems to be the era these guys still live in too. they bluster about how similar today is to the time of robber barons.

why cant the democrats get a clue. rahm emanuel is no genius. the only reason they’re in office is because people hate the republicans so much. hate does not a mandate make.

they’re a bunch of silly panzies. they whine about how mismanaged the war has been and then mutter some vagueness about how we should be moving to end the war; but of course fail to offer one concrete idea or take any firm stand.

this country needs leadership desperately. i’m confident that if one ever showed up and somehow survived our totally corrupt electoral system, the real people would welcome him or her. 

2 thoughts on “democrats were actually lamer than republicans tonight!

  1. Ben is right. How dare those Democrats do what their constituents want them to do? Clearly they should tell all the unemployed factory workers in their districts that the solution to their problems is to send more jobs offshore. What we need is more thanksgiving, you turkeys!

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