can anyone track all these startups?

reading venturebeat any given day i am struck by how many new startups are getting funded and big. it is very reminiscent of 1999 in that i remember tuning out then too as it was too overwhelming to track them all.

we have reached the point that it would be useful for someone to create a site that tracks all these companies in a more visual mapping way. i’d like to see ‘music’ or ‘web 2.0’ tools and be able to zoom in on activity.

5 thoughts on “can anyone track all these startups?

  1. I totally agree. I find my self constantly clicking “mark all as read” on my feeds. I just can’t find the time to keep up, and they all seem less and less interesting to me. is a visual mapping of sorts.

  2. What would be cool is a “stock market” of Web 2.0 properties … where they can opt-in to report simple metrics like hourly PV’s and uniques … then you could “track” them like you would a stock portfolio–“symbols” to watch, biggest gainers/losers, etc.
    Of course, I’m sure folks would rather hide that information to keep quiet the fact that their highly funded startup isn’t making any actual progress, so they can keep burning through OPM.

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