Wondering who held onto YHOO?

with yahoo hitting $29.30 today i’m curious who held on and who jumped ship. i know that fred wilson and howard lindzon got out at $23 or $24 with howard predicting it would continue to $20 where he’d get back in. i doubled up based on the premise that i love the macro story of internet advertising and dont care whether the company is being managed well. i’m a macro investor and invest based on tectonic shifts. i’ve never understood momentum investing and dont have the kind of information flow or research capability to be ahead of the market on fundamentals and catalysts.

8 thoughts on “Wondering who held onto YHOO?

  1. Bought at 24.25 shortly after the Youtube acquisition. Planning to hold on for a long-term investment on this one.

  2. still holding. also there on macro trends. sorry to see DanR go, as they don’t get much smarter than he is. market share is holding; they just need to figure out how to monetize paltform better.

  3. I held, bought a little more when it was down at 23. I am hooked on myYahoo, and I bet a lot of other people are as well. I saw there Maps implementation recently, and was impressed. Basically caught right up to Google.
    But you know, the whole market has performed pretty well since then as well.

  4. I posted a couple times in the 27″s that I changed my mind on this one and went long in the $28’s so not to jinx you but am back with you 🙂
    I thought you read my blog 🙂

  5. I’ve been long Yahoo in theory for a while and would continue to hold… I just haven’t purchased the stock (mainly b/c of cashflow).

  6. I’m still long. My Yahoo is the first page I read every day and come back often for search, maps etc. Initial buy at $31, then doubled down at $24.

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