2007 Predictions

I already reviewed last year’s. Can’t remember them all right now. I was right that goog passed 500, just didn’t stay there.

Anyway, here’s this year.

* internet advertising exceeds all estimates. * yhoo passes $35 per share. This is driven by their move to dump search and use google which immediately boosts cashflow. * goog passes $550 as the wall street realizes they’re the next msft and they continue to blow through numbers.
* the facebook files for IPO and reopens IPO window.
* first major branded programming is released 1st run on the internet. This is from someone like mark cuban.
* IPTV gets real (for porn). * the US leaves iraq (ok wishful). * sasha cohen (the borat guy) wins an oscar.

(Disclosure: I’m an investor in yhoo, goog and facebok) Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

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