Paying for myspace on your cellphone?

Todays wsj reports a plan from cingular to offer myspace on your phone for 2.99 per mo. This is a terrific test case of willingness to actually pay for social networking services. I am skeptical as the audience is kids who notoriously pursue all things free.

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5 thoughts on “Paying for myspace on your cellphone?

  1. if it comes with the phone bill, maybe their parents will pay for it ?
    I don’t think anybody will notice the extra $ 2.99, at least in Europe and other mobile-crazy markets, kids spend a lot more than that on their monthly communications.

  2. Ha — not sure the pet rock — $2.99 is a small enough fee ($36 a year) for parents to say sure. Like the earlier commetns, impact/parents over $2.99 a month.
    A better question is what will it look like, will it facilitate usage in an easy way, and how much bandwidth will it cost.

  3. This gimmick will work. Apart from cingular only Helio provide this access to myspace. This is a great product differentiation focusing on a market niche. It’s a new market entrant and right now might be the first mobile phone to do this. I believe a lot of kids that can use their phone to take pictures will be estatic to upload these pictures immediately. You don’t need a computer to go online, and it’s very smart for cingular to use this convenience to capture millions of kids who want access to information fast. I will pay 2.99 for it, but the i’m always wired,so i will pass instead.

  4. There are other options to paying 2.99 for myspace. For instance my company VCEL’s offers a java app and a mobile site for myspace access for free. Go to to check it out. There are other free alternatives out there such as, etc.
    I think we will see that as in the WEB world, mobile social networking will need to be ad supported.

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