Does the emperor of second life have no cloths?

I have to agree with nick denton and clay shirky that while secondlife’s success is impressive, I really don’t get it. As I mentioned, I tried it out and like sims online couldn’t get what was fun and exciting about it. While the idea of a virtual economy is cool, I don’t get why one cares about buying cool cloths for a character that has nothing clear to do. Hate to sound like such a guy, but I want to be able to kill people, steal stuff and do things we can’t do in the real world.
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2 thoughts on “Does the emperor of second life have no cloths?

  1. I think what you’re describing is the difference between your expectations and your experience.
    You seem to be thinking: “Online Game”, where I’m looking at SecondLife as more of a 3D Web Browser and Business Prototyping platform.
    It’s not so much “Sims Online” as an open ended “Sims Business”. I realize you’re busy starting any number of real life business ventures, but if you were interested in really seeing what’s going on with SecondLife I’d recommend starting something there.

  2. If you look at it as a game, I agree. There are plenty of other things I find more entertaining to spend my time on. From a business standpoint, the people that play the game throw around lindens like they are free. At this point it is a wonderful place to market your items to a a youthful audience. There is money to be made because it is essentially free advertising but other than that I find it boring.

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