moving to a mac? stock apps for mac?

as i witness the slow death of my ibm thinkpad from what many call *bitrot* and others call planned obsolesence (sp?), i am again trying to imagine running my whole life on my mac. the biggest single obstacle for me in switching is losing my msn investor portfolio tracking app which of course only runs in IE for pc’s.

does anyone know of a good portfolio app for macs or firefox? it needs to do self updating with quotes and show news and other info on stocks. pls dont tell me yahoo finance. it’s good in general but mostly lacking. i’ve tried some of the mac only apps and they pretty much all suck too.

also, i’ve grown highly dependent on x1 for real time searching of old emails (which of course will no longer be available on my mac anyway). is there an equivalent on mac?

5 thoughts on “moving to a mac? stock apps for mac?

  1. Mark,
    Your new Mac will have “Spotlight” (system-wide search) built in. It indexes all your files, emails, contacts, calendar events, to-do’s, etc. automatically. It’s pretty nice.
    I made a short list of “What to download for your new Mac” a few months ago:
    Add to that list Parallels, which runs Windows and Linux virtual machines. It’s amazing.

  2. Mark,
    I’m also thinking of making the switch to a mac. Why did you decide to make the change? I need some selling still to get me to switch. I’m interested in hearing why you made the change!

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