spamming for new customers

i got this spam email from a ‘consultant’ to prosper a startup backed by accel and benchmark. it’s amazing that a respectable company would actually pay people to go spam on their behalf. guess that’s when you know all the low hanging fruit is gone and we’re getting late in the cycle.  still, i’ve met chris larsen, the ceo, and he seemed like a sharp entrepreneur. this is embaressing and undersells the cool p2p lending market he’s building.

i want to nominate annie rose pantas to join the lady from yesnomaybe as the dumbest marketeers i’ve encountered. maybe we should develop an annual award for worst attempts at consumer marketing on the net.


A friend forwarded me your blog because they
thought you might be interested in a company that I’m doing some consulting
for… the company is Prosper ( a people-to-people
lending marketplace.

As you will see from the press about us (
Prosper is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners…
it’s an innovative source of funding for businesses and their customers.
There’s also an opportunity to generate a revenue stream on Prosper by becoming
a "Group Leader."  You can read more about "Group Rewards" here:
but in a nutshell, anyone who becomes a Group Leader and invites borrowers in
can also make money as the borrowers repay their loans. 

you have a few minutes, shoot me an email and let me know what you think. If
the site interests you or you have any questions or comments, please let me
know… I’d be happy to help connect you with the right people at Prosper.

Annie Rose Pantas

3 thoughts on “ spamming for new customers

  1. I got one of those too.
    I replied back and asked if one of the higher ups would be interested in chatting sometime for an interview on one of my blogs, but never heard back.
    If you’re going to spam, the least you can do is reply back when someone replies back to your spam!

  2. This is, most likely, the initiative of a typical loser “group leader” who has no idea as to how to bring in a group of borrowers (one should build a group of real-life friends, colleagues, etc.). They resort to spamming people sometimes.
    It’s unlikely any of the ‘higher ups’ at Prosper sent her.
    It’s not a reflection of Prosper, and more than a random jerk on eBay is representative of eBay. This person does not “consult” for Proaper.
    Alas, a lot of dummies try to use Prosper as a means to make money as group leaders (as this one is hinting at). They can’t; that’s not what groups are supposed to do. A lot of losers don’t realize that, though.
    But don’t let this random spammer taint the platform or the lenders there; the lenders are very much anti-spam (and many are anti-group leader, too 😉 ). And it is the cheapest place around for a borrower to get an unsecured loan, period.

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