Hughes Directway Internet Sucks!

i’m forced to use this horrible service in colorado where we still cant get real wire based internet. the only thing worse than the actual service which crawls in both directions is their customer service. why is it that companies still ask you to input in your telephone number and then the rep asks you for it again?

this service is some forgotten step child of old decrepit companies (hughes leftover from GM).

when i have time i’m going to look up who the idiots (i mean execs) are who run this company. i’m sure they have fabulous mutil million dollar option packages to incent them for the amazing customer centric job they are doing.

11 thoughts on “Hughes Directway Internet Sucks!

  1. If yu dislike it so much why don’t you cancel and use Starband. I am a Starband and it does a nice job. As soon as DSL or cable come to my area I will cancel. However, it is better than dial up and the service is adequate.

  2. I have Direcway. I did not know Directway has internet. Are they the same people? I use a DW7000 modem and get great results. Being out in the rural area of VA its the best I can get. I used to use ISDN but I had to pay an ISP and the phone people at the same time which cost a small fortune.

  3. I agree about Direcway wholeheartedly. After struggling with their poor customer service and TEC Receive Failure messages for years, I can only pray for the Class Action Suit Notice to arrive in the mail soon!

  4. ive had hughes directway 3yrs it works half the time,theres a lot of problems with it all for $60.00 per month its a rip off not better than nothing,we need a law suite to get half our money back!!!!!!!!!

  5. do not get directway as soon as you down load more than 240megs they slow you down to a crawl. But for 79.99 per month you get 425megs nice they dont tell you this at sign up then you have to have for the 2 years.

  6. I really appreciate the info about directway. I was going to try it but now (NO WAY) I’m having phone company problems except mine are you can’t understand customer service. local company was bought out by Windstream and if you call them you will be talking to someone in india.Called sprint today and I was talking to someone in the philipines. Told them when they found an American to call me.

  7. My son, a civilian aircraft mechanic in Iraq has directway service and it goes down from1730 to 0300 each day. He has a DW7000 also. Says the xmit and system lights go out but all others are on. He cant even find anyone there who knows anything about it. Can anyone email me with a suggestion? thanks..jim

  8. I am building intentional communities and eco Villages. We are working to make communities that are off the Grid. What would someone recommend as a internet device? I was wondering about satelite and the cost of it? But I would be happy with anything that was fast and reliable.

  9. you are so right this is the worst internet ever i can only watch like 5 vids on youtube abd cabt download anything and i just used up the download limit and im crawling right now . sure this is better than dial up but if you have say the option of getting verizon highspeed or something along those lines give directway a big HELL NO!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dear Sir/Madamm. I signed up years ago under DirecWay (owned by Hughes). I have always had Satilite/Dial-up. Now that Hughes bought out the DirecWay name, I can NO LONGER access dial-up. I am ready to cancel all services and start from scratch.
    Hughes tells me they do NOT have any dial-up service.

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