deja vu –> www.mysupercoolsite/CBS

CBS just announced that they will have a ‘channel’ on youtube, similar i guess to what NBC is doing. it seems that history keeps repeating itself. remember ‘AOL keyword: pathfinder’? a few people may even remember the 5 minutes when the whole world thought it would become a channel on pointcast.

so the questions are why CBS would feel the desire to be a channel on youtube and whether this is really a long term sustaining move. CBS must be working with youtube for traffic. but given that we’re all a click away from any content why do companies feel the need to do these unnatural acts? i guess they’re a form of deeply integrated advertising. this was really how AOL built its original content by getting major media to republish content within their ‘channels’.

my take is that while there must be some real value in getting net users’ attention at the outset of every new category of usage, this value quickly dissipates. in the beginning all the major media companies published press releases that they were launching web sites. now they’ll announce that their video is available on youtube and soon they’ll just announce it’s available. i dont get why i need to go to youtube to find CBS or why i need CBS to find ‘david letterman’.

in the end, youtube channels make as much sense as myspace channels or the AOL channels before them. it’s always great for the cool new kid on the block but never lasts. i may be proven wrong but i doubt it.

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