*amanda* from yesnomaybe responds…

amanda sounds like a feisty aussie…

Well Hello Marcus

This is Amanda – the very Amanda above… (thanks for the kind words).

1. my surname is Tsinonis (and its difficult to pronounce and read and its Greek, so lets keep it simple and say its just Amanda. But now you know – feel free to add it to your address book.

2. Micheal Arrington – he found out about us – beat me to it – so I have not delivered any favours yet, but might do. I have alot to thank him for.

3. Nope, I am not the fat chick in admin, I am the founder and at the moment, not fat. And you can look me up on yesnomayB.com under username sexylegs101. (admittedly a crap username I set up while we were testing, never got around to changing it – and I am in a bikini, but if guys dont respond to blonde girl in a bikini – then I know we have a problem!)

4. As a girl (a thin blonde one) you need to understand my world. And that is that I am not that likely to register on any dating site – cool or not cool. Its a universal dating site issue to overcome. But I might consider it if a friend of mine recommended it.

Full name Adamantia Tsinonis
But my friends call me Mands, and my mother calls me Amanda when she’s cross.

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