yesnomaybe…i say nonono

after reading about the new dating site on techcrunch, which gushed about it’s cool new features, i checked it out. there is a real question with these new sites as to when you should get your PR and trumpet your cool features. obviously, the coolest feature is introductions to desirable dating prospects and then subsidiary might be doing so in a more compelling way.

yesnomaybe does a good job in their ‘demo’ of showing some impressively attractive women but then you register…after it’s as if you got transported to a very different world. ok, typical waste of time on the net. starting to get very used to long, random detours. but then i get this email from founder, *amanda* (she apparently is so well known to me that there’s no need to provide a last name or any other detail ab out her. why do i get the feeling she’s a fat guy in customer support?)

Hi mark

Okay guys, sit up and take note. We need your help!

To thank you in advance, we have upgraded your membership and given you an extra 2 months Free Premier Membership, and what we need from you is simple:

The good news: there has been a bit of a media frenzy out there triggered by yesnomayB being featured on a few influential tech sites like Digg, Techcrunch and Springwise, as well as FHM magazine.

The not so good news: is that the patrons of the above sites are mostly hot blooded males, skewing the male/female ratio more toward males – but we think you can help!

Tell all your single girl friends to register with promo code FREE4GIRLS.

They will then receive 2 months free Premier Membership (expires 15 Nov 2006).

Come on guys, in order to you help yourself, you need to help each other.

Thanks for loving our product and for your positive feedback.


this *amanda* clearly doesnt understand the way the world i live in works. i dont wake up looking for a new dating site with cool new features that if i just went and got all the hot women i knew to sign up for would be super fun. it’s kind of like going to recruiters with a new job site and asking them to invite all the prospects they know to join so they can share with other recruiters. (oh, wait. is that

anyway, i am proposing *amanda ______* for any awards out there for dumbest marketeers and wondering what she did for michael arrington at techcrunch to get such rave reviews. clearly more than i got.

8 thoughts on “yesnomaybe…i say nonono

  1. Something of value for free is a strong motivator — perhaps the strongest there is. Premium accounts at dating sites cost money and people buy them in huge numbers. There’s also a long standing offline thing at bars called Ladies Night. They’re well known by both genders and they absolutely work to drive people to bars.

  2. Mark:
    I can see some value in asking men to invite their female friends. For example, its not uncommon for men to have single female friends who for many possible reasons (attraction, location, values, etc.) they do not want to date themselves. Also, there is always the chance that each woman whom a man invites winds up inviting more of her friends if she likes the site. A dating website with heterosexual men only is pretty useless and would likely lose its audience quickly. Even if one disagrees with the implementation, at a minimum, acknowledging the problem and outlining a solution is good customer service may buy them a little bit more time register female users before the men drift elsewhere.
    That said, finding a way to communicate to women directly that they have a site teaming with single men would probably be a better approach.

  3. Well Hello Marcus
    This is Amanda – the very Amanda above… (thanks for the kind words).
    1. my surname is Tsinonis (and its difficult to pronounce and read and its Greek, so lets keep it simple and say its just Amanda. But now you know – feel free to add it to your address book.
    2. Micheal Arrington – he found out about us – beat me to it – so I have not delivered any favours yet, but might do. I have alot to thank him for.
    3. Nope, I am not the fat chick in admin, I am the founder and at the moment, not fat. And you can look me up on under username sexylegs101. (admittedly a crap username I set up while we were testing, never got around to changing it – and I am in a bikini, but if guys dont respond to blonde girl in a bikini – then I know we have a problem!)
    4. as a girl (a thin blonde one) you need to understand my world. And that is that I am not that likely to register on any dating site – cool or not cool. Its a universal dating site issue to overcome. But I might consider it if a friend of mine recommended it.
    Full name Adamantia Tsinonis
    But my friends call me Mands, and my mother calls me Amanda when she’s cross.

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