Microsoft’s New IE7 Browser – Mixed Reviews

based on fred wilson’s blog post i downloaded and installed the new IE7 browser. i want to say that there a few small things i do like about it.

positive…msft seems to have updated the fonts on my whole OS so now in my outlook email and here typing in my browser there is a nicer looking (clearner) font.

negative…where to start…for some reason (i guess to hurt google) msft decided to make yahoo my default home page and search tool bar. this is just plain stupid on their part. even if it gets them and yahoo more users in the short term it just builds the argument that they’re evil.

they have added these tabs which i guess i should like but since there seems to be no way to make them go away it’s just annoying.

they totally screwed up my browser-top links. why?!

they moved the url address box to the top and i cant figure out how to move back down if at all. why?!

they got rid of all IE menu items. now i dont even have a way to change my home page back to google.

here’s the funniest…my msn portfolio manager app which is a msft active-x app doesnt work anymore. they’ve managed to screw their own active x apps now.

does anyone know if i can revert back to old IE? i’m guessing msft doesnt allow it.

now, i’ll bet you that google is a lot more on top of blogs like mine than msft. it took about 3 hrs for google to respond to my G complaints. i’m guessing msft wont ever.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s New IE7 Browser – Mixed Reviews

  1. Okay, I can’t believe this… I think I’m actually going to defend Microsoft ;).
    It’s my understanding that MS is (surprisingly) respecting folks’ prior IE settings with regards to preferred search engine. So what *likely* happened is that an application OR your previous use of the Yahoo Toolbar or something else had somehow set your preferred search engine on IE to Yahoo, and Microsoft simply preserved that. It’s also possible, on a related note, that you had changed that setting to a different search engine since then… but somehow, that Yahoo bit was still set somewhere in your browser.
    I certainly haven’t heard of any other cases of MS defaulting search to Yahoo! On the whole, then, I’m guessing that there’s nothing nefarious going on here at all.

  2. Don’t like IE7? Many many people have written asking how they can get rid of it. It’s easy: Just go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Pick Windows Internet Explorer 7 from the list and uninstall it. (They trick you by throwing that “Windows” in there.) Reboot, and IE6 will have returned exactly the way it was before. I’ve tried going back and forth between 6 and 7 multiple times and haven’t had a problem with it.

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