More on Google Desktop Drop-downs

several google people have posted comments on this blog and emailed to help show me how wrong i have been about this. first, i’m really impressed at their positive attitude about their company and aggressiveness in addressing any criticism head on. it’s yet another testament to how strong this company is (and why we all have such painful envy:).

however, as much as i love and admire google (and am happily a shareholder again at a $380 buy in), i just cant buy their arguments that the annoying drop-downs in my IE google toolbar are there as the result of user requests. this is a statement that comanies often say which is sometimes true. when craig newmark says it we believe it. the guy told me he took two years to add photos to listings to make sure he was acting on what his users really wanted.

if there is a googler who wants to make a case as to how

a) users asked to have a drop down menu in the text entry box that offers up things like relatively unpopular google services like groups and froogle or generic things that bookmarks or button gallery, or

b) any of these services are truly useful to me like the original google service, or

c) how it’s in my interest to not offer me anyway to turn this annoying feature off

i’m all ears.

personally, i think that some marketer realized that if you put a button *inside* a text entry box it’s way more likely we’ll click on it which to me gets really close to spam in a more intelligent form and really close to something msft would do if it could.

i would love to know who’s idea this feature was and how they can justify it.

and common guys, how on earth do you justify changing someting in MY user interface without my asking for it or giving permission?

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