Figured out how Google is doing pop downs on my desktop

has anyone noticed that google has now added this useless "G" inside your google search toolbar in your browser? i know i never asked to add that or downloaded something to add it. sometimes when i click in the box to type a query, i get this annoying, stupid pop down that offers me a host of services i have no need or interest in seeing — "web, usa, current site, feeling lucky, images, groups, news, froogle, maps, bookmarks, button gallery".

now this must be the creation of some MBA with a corporate goal like ‘synergistically building our other businesses’ or ‘getting a greater share of the user’. this is so far off google’s original premise of just trying to serve the user and ‘dont do evil’. this isnt evil, but it is stupid. this is good news though. it shows that even google can mess up and that one of the new market laws is that big eventually leads to stupid.

my guess is that since google is still a company lead by super smart founders, they will catch this and fire the stupid creator of this horrible feature or do whatever google does when you fuck up. the absolute worst part is that they dont even let me have the option to get rid of their stupid G.

well i guess google has now truly the joined the ranks of big corporations with its own pointless, user hating new and improved feature. so ballmer, dont feel bad. you’re not alone.

2 thoughts on “Figured out how Google is doing pop downs on my desktop

  1. Hey, Mark. Just e-mailed you. I’m a bit puzzled about what you’ve described. There shouldn’t be any dropdowns of that sort by default when you’re doing searches… that’s not the way we do business; drop me a note and we can figure out what’s going on.

  2. Adam, there is one. In my toolbar on IE (which I just use to open .pdf documents) I do indeed have a clueless “G” with drop-downs sitting there. So, who’s the MBA-clad genius who came up with this brilliant idea? 😉

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