forbes/google getting in our faces

has anyone noticed how some sites are getting bolder in their willingness to really hit us over the head with messages? if you read forbes’ latest youtube story you’ll notice that they play loud annoying ads even after you turn off the volume and then follow with their annoying video interviews you didnt choose to hear.

right after this annoying experience i went to google and had an in my face ajaxy pop up telling me about something new (cant even remember what bc i closed the whole browser to get rid of it). while it’s cool to see the power google has to talk to all 100m of us in a morning, it’s also scary.

3 thoughts on “forbes/google getting in our faces

  1. Mark,
    Consumers are being trained not to click on ads. Introduce a new ad delivery mechanism and people click on it…at first…then learn not to. So keep introducing new ways to get in peoples’ faces and you get nice click-through. Then it invariably tappers off. For example, when was the last time you clicked on a banner ad? For me, maybe 2001. So this smacks of desperation.

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