Back at Tribe

so this is a little late as the blog world caught my post on tribe thursday night. but for anyone out there who doesnt read techcrunch, fred wilson or silicon beat, yes i have stepped back in at tribe. i believe in brian lawler and the team. i also believe that we’re still at early stages for social media. i’m excited about the opportunity to continue working on making social media more useful for people.

it’s also important to many of us to keep tribe the community running and vibrant. on the eve of burning man, the greatest live community event, it’s nice to know that tribe, one of the important sites around this event, will be sticking around too.

i’ll be at burning man as of tuesday, camping at the deepend (9:30 and faith). come by one afternoon and if i’m bartending, i’ll serve you a drink.

11 thoughts on “Back at Tribe

  1. Good to have you back on Tribe. I have to admit that it appeared they had lost their way, so perhaps you can get the ship back on course.

  2. Congratulations, Mark! I am sure it’s exciting to be back at the helm. The time with your head out of the water must be useful as you get back in. Cheers – Cem

  3. Just thought that this might be an opportunity to “talk the walk, as well as walk the walk!”. What an interesting (and involving story) if we could follow Mark’s journey from “broad strokes principles” to “nano-decisions” that just show you how to perform better? i.e. you know (in broad terms) what you want to do with Tribe, why not build some coverage “apprentice style”? Again, just a thought.

  4. Congrats Mark….. Sounds like a recap is in order. It would be good to catch p and see if any of our East Coast connections can help.

  5. Congratulations. Good to see you back, missed you at the Burn but hopefully we’ll connect at a tribe event in the near future.

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