i’ve helped murry gunty make google and wikipedia!

sorry. i just find this whole thing too funny. so i looked and saw that a) the murry gunty story is now most of the links when you google him and b) someone created an entry for him on wikipedia that links to this blog and the original story in the harvard crimson. wonder if he also asked them to take his full name out?

i’m reposting a few excerpts too. i just love how murry doesnt even admit that he didn anything wrong. i think this guy represents all that harvard business school has become. it’s THE place to mint the greedy corrupt ceos who steal from their investors every day with their ridiculous compensation packages, backdating options and whatever new tricks they make up.

Harvard Business School officials are currently investigating a student’s alleged attempt to rig the elections of the school’s prestigious Finance Club Last week.

First-year MBA student Murry Gunty resigned as co-president-elect after the club’s incumbent president found that he had asked non-members to vote using the names of club members.

Gunty said he resigned because he didn’t want to take over "if rules were apparently violated" but insisted that the non-members voted as "proxies" for the members, according to the Harbus News, the Business School’s student newspape

The alleged tampering has brought some negative attention to the school’s highly-touted ethics program, which was established with a $20 million pledge five years ago. First-year MBA student are required to take courses in the program.

it would be so nice to hear murry own up to this instead of being another lay or skilling, hiding behind bullshit. why couldnt you just stand up and say i fucked up? i was scared i wouldnt get a job at goldman sachs. i was greedy but now i see that. it’s never too late murry. and now i’m helping you. just go google yourself and see!

and btw, we should all link to his firm, milestone capital, too or whatever you do to get a high google rank so that new potential investors can get the whole story too. it says he has important people like james baker as advisors. guess former politicians can live with questionable ethics. makes good company.

3 thoughts on “i’ve helped murry gunty make google and wikipedia!

  1. Too funny. I remember interviewing him while I was at Bear Stearns, passed and then the WSJ article ran some time after. I even kept his resume for a while. Always remembered that guy.

  2. Mark, not quite sure why you keep harping on this guy. It does seem vengeful like another poster mentioned.
    Sure, he made a mistake. Do you know for a fact that he hasn’t changed? That he isn’t contrite? Just because he didn’t deal with it the way you would have, doesn’t mean he’s a terrible person.
    Plus, tarring all of Harvard Business School is needless. They produce lots of exceptional people (many colleagues I have worked with).
    Honestly, this is starting to seem petty, filled with gross generalizations, and like some sort of a witch-hunt.
    I guess bloggers do not have the responsibility of being professional in any way. That too is questionable ethics – in my book.

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