Respondse to my murry gunty censoring post

First, barak, the ceo of six apart, emailed to say I could ignore the customer support person which was nice.

Here is the response from one reader below. I will say that I think 6A needs to come out much stronger in assuring bloggers that they will never interfere with our content or I’m outa here.

“To put this situation mildly, this request is ridiculous. The fact that they would even email you at all on a TOS violation is ridiculous. You should have every right to post whatever you want, even if it happens to be libelous – which I personally don’t think it is in this case. As much as I respect the Movable Type team and their supporters (particularly Andrew Fife in these comments), this is your blog and you should be able to say whatever you want on it. Aside from the fact that MT shouldn’t be in the content business in the first place, the namby-pamby recommendation for “fixing” the issue seems childish and ineffective to the point that it shouldn’t be suggested at all.”

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7 thoughts on “Respondse to my murry gunty censoring post

  1. Mark,
    I can assure you that Six Apart will only interfere with your content if we possess a legitimate court order or if there is a reported DMCA violation. Even in these situations, we ask that the owner of the content make the modifications within a reasonable amount of time before we would take action.
    In this particular situation, as Barak replied in his email to you, the Six Apart employee who initiated the request to you was filling in for our normal TOS person who is out on maturity leave. They simply made a mistake and completely misread the situation. Your post is not in violation with TypePad terms of service. We apologize for the misunderstanding.
    I have sent you an email as well and would enjoy talking further with you if you would like.
    Best Regards,
    Doug Bryan
    Vice President, Customer Service and Business Operations
    Six Apart

  2. “on maturity leave”. Now this is something alot of us CEO’s need to have. Forget it being a typo, it is a wonderful new management idea.

  3. Interesting stuff. I can’t help noticing that the response you’ve had from Barak and Doug contrasts rather sharply with the responses people who aren’t founders or chairmen of influential companies receive from Six Apart. I wrote to them both regarding unresolved questions about LiveJournal’s TOS enforcement (another 6A service), after having no reply from the abuse team managers, but didn’t hear a thing.

  4. Christine, I have had nothing but positive, affirmative, supportive communications from 6A across a range of issues, from technical problem resolution to my eventual migration from TypePad to WordPress. They are a company that generally “gets it” in terms of customer service, and while I am a long time blogger, I am certainly NOT a “founder or chairman” of anything influential. I think you should resend your message to them. The bigger a company gets, the harder it is to track customer service details.

  5. This is ridiculous. I wonder if there would be a problem in his name being in my Business Ethics text book? I was looking up some information to help my response to an essay on him and came across this. Seeing as how the entire class posts their papers online and comment on them- are we “violating” him too? I think not.

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