We need to open up the bidding for buying off US politicians

Vanity fair has great in depth coverage of the washington scandals surrounding san diego congressman cunningham who pleaded guilty to accepting 2.4M in bribes to direct defense contracts to cronies.

What amazes me is that his alleged co-conspirators, kyle foggo (cia), jerry lewis (congress) and defense contractors brent wilkes and mitchell wade haven’t been charged with anything. Not to mention all the folks in the pentagon who played along, allegedly to get congressional buyoff on the 2B dollar F-22 deal.

This is what happens when we are all apathetic. Thank g-d for mainstream media who continue to be the only watchdogs trying to keep tabs on all the corruption.

Our govt continues to be a cheap auction. Cunningham directed 100’s of millions in return for thousands in antiques.

Here are some actual numbers showing how cheaply we can buy a congressman (and the defense appropriations committee)…

140k bribe (for a boat) = 16 M 50k bribe = 17 M

I can’t wait for the day when we the people get a chance to bid openly to buy off politicians and contracts. If this system were just put online at least it would be open and competitive. Then maybe the better projects might win. At least these sleazy, dumb old white men wouldn’t be the ones getting rich and the margins might go down.

Besides, with this system of openly bid payoffs the money would be greater and we might attract smarter people.

What really bugs me is that cuningham was only sentenced to 7 years and now they’re talking about letting him out earyl for cooperation and in light of his cancer and 8 yrs remaining life expectancy.

How do you send bernie ebers, a stupid football coach, to jail for life and then show leniency to a totally corrupt congressman? What’s the message there?

We have to find a way to take over the us govt and send these f’ing carpet baggers to jail.
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5 thoughts on “We need to open up the bidding for buying off US politicians

  1. Mark: I read that article; outrageous, isn’t it? Great to meet Ned’s uncle/Susie’s brother. You piqued my interest re: blogs. Interesting. I look forward to chatting with you again sometime.

  2. The key word is “apathetic” — the root cause of all that ails our allegedly self-governing society.
    Until a movement of some kind inspires massive numbers of ordinary citizens to acknowledge that we all have a job to do to uphold our end of the social contract — starting with staying fully informed — then none of our major problems will ever be resolved regardless of who’s in office. Corrupt Congressmen are nothing but a blip on the tip of our dysfunctional democracy.
    If we want smarter and more virtuous politicians, we need smarter and more virtuous citizens. Nothing will change (for the better) until that happens.

  3. I too read Vanity Fair’s article. Sad to say but I wasn’t shocked, although some of the material in the article was quite lurid. I suppose this is the obviously illegitimate side of Washington. Too bad the “legal bribery” isn’t made illegal as well. I guess that’s what happens when foxes watch the hen house. I was also interested to read that the individuals on the other side of the bribery equation have not yet been charged.

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