Israel – Doesn’t seem to matter who’s right since we all lose

Its weird to watch the way a conflict in one small part of the world can stoke up everyone else to take sides and get so heated. Its almost like the world cup gone bad.

Its also weird how these things seem to develop in such a way as to allow both sides plenty of moral ammunition for the claim of ‘right side’.

Most of us can agree that hezbollah and hamas were wrong attacking israeli soldiers. But then we’ll split on whether israel’s response was justified and hezbollah’s subsequent reaction of firing missiles was justified.

By the time we’re done fighting each other, nobody can remember how it started.
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4 thoughts on “Israel – Doesn’t seem to matter who’s right since we all lose

  1. There is plenty of fault to be found on more sides than just two. Iran and Syria should be held accountable for fighting a proxy war through Hezbollah and Jordan should take a larger responsibility in the welfare of Palestinians considering their relationship.
    Violence begets violence. Taking on Hezbollah in Lebanon won’t bring peace to Israel. It will only make matters worse. They have been fighting for 3,000 years — I can’t see them stopping anytime soon. What’s really tragic is that generations of people are born into the conflict without any understanding of the basis. They believe what they are taught.
    What intrigues me is that most people in the West just lump Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda into the same basket. In reality, Al Qaeda (Sunnis) hate Hezbollah (Shiites).
    The real blame belongs in the West. Colonization and imperialistic endeavors have driven Arab and Persian hatred. The British occupation in Egypt and Brits/American involement with Iran in the early 1950’s have cultivated modern problems.

  2. This war is a sick excuse of nothing short of terrorism – and I’m neither Jew nor Muslim (and not even Arabic or Middle Eastern).
    Excuse me – but since WHEN does one nation BOMB OUT an airport, arterial roads, blow up bridges and the continued horrors reigned on Lebanon because TWO SOLDIERS are kidnapped? Did all the home countries of the OVER 3000 PEOPLE CAPTURED, WITHOUT CHARGES AND HELD IN GUATAMANO BAY do the same thing?
    WHY has the world not seen the (so called) destruction from the (so called) missles that hezbollah are apparently launching in the hundreds, daily? BECAUSE THERE IS NOT NEARLY AS SIGNIFICANT a massive destruction as what Israel has done. Where is their intelligence? Where is their man on the ground? These things cannot be shrugged off as “a mistake, ooops, we’re sorry!”. This is NOT an out-for-lunch inconvenience. Old men, cripples, dammit, CRIPPLES and women and children dashed into that basement and huddled together in FEAR.
    As of the date of the Qana Massacre, my once support for ‘unfair warcrimes against Israel’ turned and took a complete U turn. And the world sits by and goes: ahhh, hmmmm, mmmmm. How can they blame the people they were firing on for that mass murder? An Eye for and Eye. The problem is that like fingerprints, values never leave you; but you leave them everywhere for all the world to see.
    To Israel: your fingerprints are all over the souls of those elderly, invalid and the children. Never cry to me again about your past. For you have destroyed the future of OLD MEN, THE SICK, WOMEN AND CHILDREN. Ring a bell? When did you last see your old, frail, weak, women and children slaughtered? And now you do the same thing?
    Bah. All of this fighting throughout the Middle East is hypocrisy – and what a freak show the world is fed.
    Again, I am actually from an ex-colonial country in sub-Saharan Africa. However I do not like seeing what I have seen WITH MY OWN EYES as those images emerged on Television. I wanted to be sick – Israel is doing to its neighbour what it has long claimed to be a victim of, itself: horrific warcrimes.
    It’s HYPOCRISY. Israel have, in my mind commited horrendous war crimes – the massacre at Qana is unforgiveable.
    Who me? Mad? Never. Just human.

  3. Actually, I agree with Raj Bala, couple posts up. The WEST, especially colonial BRITAIN are the crux of the matters regarding the brutal wars that go in these places. And is Blair or Great Britain doing ANYTHING to stop heinous ‘leaders’ as the likes of Mugabe?
    As for Bush… (note I am talking of BUSH … NOT USA as a country: 2 very different things) well, since I saw his vile table manners with ever-present Blair on his shoulder, uttering expletives and hanging on his chair made me want to throw up. He has to be the least popular, certainly the least respected, US President ever. As for tumbling down the stairs on that aircraft the other day. Lordie Lord above … he’s a side-show. Something, perhaps, the USA may wish to forget or ‘smudge’ in years to come so that he’s little more than a blurry spot on a 1 dollar bill.
    Yep, my passion is high today. I’m tired of being doled out BS in place of my intelligence, I guess…

  4. Linsey,
    The situation is a lot more complex than how you see it. The Israelis are bombing Lebanon, not to kill innocent civilians! They’re bombing Hezbolla to try to protect themselves. Hezbolla is backed by Iran — a country with a leader that is not shy about stating that he is aiming for the DESTRUCTION of Israel and the Jewish people. Hezbollah in Lebanon (with the help of Iran and Syria) is amassing weapons to try to achieve this goal. THAT is why Israel is bombing Lebanon. Israeli soldiers are not happy about killing innocent people, but when you have an enemy that seeks to destroy you and will not negotiate with you, what can you do but try to protect yourself? Unfortunately, it is Hezbollah’s practice to launch rockets etc. from places close to civilians ie: near hospitals, from peoples’ (Christian’s) homes, from schools… The reason? So that when Israel strikes back, the world will think Israelis are evil — just as you do. I don’t think it’s fair to compare what is happening now to the holocaust. How can you say that the Israelis, who withdrew from Lebanon years back, and who WANT PEACE, are killing Lebanese like Hitler, who’s grand plan was to exterminate the Jews in cold blood. It’s really a ludicrous comparison, if you ask me. And Lynsey, do you really think that what you see “WITH YOUR OWN EYES ON TV” is the real truth? You can’t really be that naive. Do you know that Hezbollah controls what the media sees and what they report? Please look a little deeper into the situation before making accusations that are based in nothing but ignorance.

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