Both sides fueling anger with one sided accounts


This is an irresponsible and mis informed msg that is spreading the wrong seed. I am disappointed to see you do this.

It doesn’t help anyone get to peace to spread one sided diatribes (propoganda).

Do you really believe that israel is intentionally targeting civilians as hezbollah is doing? And where is the moral outrage against hezbollah?

Why can’t we all take a breath and take an even handed aproach?

That starts with acknowledging that what hezbollah and hamas did in killing and kidnapping israeli soldiers was wrong and deserved some response. Since the UN has never condemned one act against israel. She must act for herself.

Second, israel’s response is also too much and is wrong. Civilians shouldn’t die. And btw, if israel ever actually killed 100 palestinians there would be footage everywhere.

I hope you will ask yourself whether spreading one sided accounts actually brings two sides together or seeds more pain and anger (as I’m asking myself)..



> Dear family and friends, >
> Yesterday the Prime Minister of Lebanon pleaded with the conscience
> of the world > to bring about an immediate internationally-sanctioned cease-fire,
> saying that Israel > was acting to destroy “everything that allows Lebanon to stay alive”. >
> This morning’s New York Times reports that “the death toll has reached > at least 230 Lebanese dead [up to 310 by noon today], most of them
> civilians, and > 25 Israeli dead, 13 of them civilians. In Gaza, one Israeli soldier
> has died from > his own army’s fire, and 103 Palestinians have been killed.” >
> Yet spokespeople for the Israeli military say their offensive may
> continue “for > weeks” and the Bush administration openly approves. >
> Yes, there are many complexities to the situation, but the essence
> of it is quite > simple: Israel, with the world’s fouth most powerful military, is
> inflicting > massive “collective punishment” on civilian populations – targeting
> power > plants, villages, heavily populated urban neighborhoods and even a
> Lebanese dairy > farm. And the world’s sole superpower, in violation of this
> country’s own > Arms Export Control Act and Foreign Assistance Act, is supplying
> jet fuel, financing > and political support for these violations of international law and
> crimes against > humanity. >
> None of this would be possible without the blatant anti-Arab racism
> that treats > Israeli killings of Palestinians and Lebanese as a normal “fact of
> life” > like the day’s weather: The sun also riseth; Israeli fire killed a
> Palestinian > child today in the name of “security”; And the sun goeth down. >
> This is a moral outrage, a political disaster, and an affront to
> people of conscience > of all backgrounds all across the planet. Even in 1623 John Donne
> wrote: “any > man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and
> therefore never > send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” With the
> most modern > technology on the globe, Tel Aviv and Washington are taking the
> world back to the > morality of the Middle Ages. >
> I urge all of you to raise your voice in protest as loudly and
> strongly as you possibly > can. >
> Below are some possible ways to take action from a message sent out
> yesterday by the United for Peace and Justice Coalition. There are
> also a number of websites listed for more background information
> and analyses of all the complexities. If you would like me to send
> you particular articles I have found useful in understanding Israel’s > recent offensive, and how it fits Israel’s historical pattern of
> choosing expansionism, colonizing, and war over peace and a society

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2 thoughts on “Both sides fueling anger with one sided accounts

  1. Dear Actually, The UN has demonstrated itself to be consistently anti-semetic. It is comprised of a bunch of tin-pot dictators who regularly vote against Israel and for Arabs, but of course, they need the Arab oil and certainly don’t want democracy in their countries.
    My favorite UN Resolution against Israel was: Resolution #487: ” . . . ‘strongly condemns’ Israel for its attack on Iraq’s nuclear facility”. Yes I’ll bet the world would love to have faced the scenario of Saddam Hussein with Nukes. Go UN…leave the US soil.

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