There isn’t always two sides to israeli conflict

It pains me to watch the slanted media coverage of israel’s attempts to defend itself.

If mexico harbored alqeida terrorists who crossed into texas, killed 8 us soldiers and then kidnapped two, the US would respond *strongly*. If that group then fired 700 missiles into texas killing 11 us civilians, what would be our reaction?

The nytimes headlines “israel exapnds conflict”. The wsj headlines “israel slashes lebanon supply routes”. One might think this is just a two sided conflict between neighbors who can’t get along, or worse, that israel is the aggressor.

How is it that we completely lose our global and moral perspectives whenever we deal with the israeli arab wars? The arabs sure don’t. Its continually reported that hezbollah and the palestinians are backed by iran and are taking this oppty to attack israel and expand the conflict with its ally america.

First the moral front, hezbollah is acknowledged to be a terrorist group, backed by iran. They are targeting as many cinvilians as they can kill. They are firing missiles reportedly provided by iran from cinvilian homes in southern lebanon.

Israel is reposnding with attempts to bomb those homes as well as bridges and other resupply routes. Nobody argues that israel is after military and not civilian targets.

Question: why hasn’t the UN ever condemned terrorist attacks against israeli civilians? Maybe because its full of arab countries then europeans who want to do business with those same arabs?

Globally, we can choose to not support israel’s right to defend itself. This would be similar to our decision not to join england prior to wwII. However, israel represents a lower risk way for us to fight iran and its drive to spread radical islam without actual engagement. Again similar to our moves to help arm england to fight the germans.

I guess it would just be refreshing to see the media and analysts say what’s really going on. Israel is a democtratically run country that pursues the same peace and prosperity we do. Unlike us they have neighbors with the stated mission of destroying them. Imagine saudi arabia, iran and lybia as our neighbors.

The palestinian refugees have been an effective pawn for arab countries to use to find a moral high ground after losing three consecutive wars and realizing the military route wouldn’t work. These people were expelled from jordan by king hussein following its loss in the six day war of 1968. The king was worried that the palestinians who outnumbered jordanians might take power.

imagine if the millions of mexicans entering the US actually weren’t just coming here to be citizens and pursue our american dream. What if their intent was to create their own islamic state and drive us out? That would sure change the debate from mayors complaining about social services and jobs.

All I ask is that you seek out all the facts before forming opinions. Read past the headline and photo. Usually by page 14 the nytimes or sf chronicle will provide you with the complete facts.

Like when israel supposedly killed 100’s in the town of jenin. That was the chron’s headline. Page 14 told you that there were two hamas *freedom fighters* confirmed dead but no others.

Like us, israel has killed civilians by accident. And like us they have never had a motive to do this. Every civilian death increases the moral outcry against them. This doesn’t help them achieve their goal of safe borders.

But I think we all know this. The sooner we get past this noise and start addressing the real hard cold facts of our current global conflict with radical islam the better.
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7 thoughts on “There isn’t always two sides to israeli conflict

  1. Your example –
    If that group then fired 700 missiles into texas killing 11 us civilians, what would be our reaction?
    Should be “If, after we started bombing a city close to where they are based, that group then fired 700 missiles into texas killing 11 us civilians, what would be our reaction?”
    Whatever the reasons for the fighting, the people who are paying for it, are the civilians on both sides – as always. Neither Israel nor the Hezbollah care about the civilians that are being killed – and that is the real tragedy of the situation.

  2. ’It pains me to watch the slanted media coverage of israel’s attempts to defend itself.’
    I suggest you & your president learn the definition of ‘defend’. Perhaps then you’ll get a clearer picture of why it’s pretty much only the US & Israel who are calling this ‘defense’. Even The Zionist run American media can’t hide from the facts this time. A shame when a little reality shows beyond the propaganda, you call it ‘slanted’.
    You talk as if you have any idea what happens in the Middle East; but your words prove empty and baseless. Ironically, you state:
    ’ All I ask is that you seek out all the facts before forming opinions.’
    As a Canadian, who has Middle East experience and true knowledge of what’s actually happening, beyond the media both American & Arab, all I can say in response to this your thoughts is, ’It pains me to watch 300 civilians (and counting) die in Israel’s ‘defense’ of the death of eight soldier and the capture of 2 soldiers. It pains me that airports, bridges, international aid vehicles and homes are targeted and the likes of you cry military targets.’

  3. Thanks for your support in ISRAEL and trying to explain to the world the truth.
    Let me add that a person has to be crazy if he thinks Israel is fighting now for the sake of honour or revenge. The Hizbalah and Hamas are to blame. they are a proxy of Iran and Syria. Hizballah’s agenda is that Israel has no right to exist. Hamas has the same views too.
    these days of ISRAEL’s fighting, is a decision that this bombing and crossing Israel’s border, every other day, can not go on and must be stoped for good.
    The vast majority of Israelies if not all, want peace from all their hearts. we are sick of fighting, but just one look at Iran’s government and hearing HAMAS LEADERS, reveal their truth.
    HASAN NASRALLAH and HAMAS leaders and their Iranian friends are just like Bin Laden. they are driven by Fanatic views, no compromise what so ever. they will do everything to wipe us off the face of the earth. Its not paranoya, it’s what Iran’s president says every day in the media.
    to let them develop a nuclear weapon will be a lose to all human kind.
    As leonard cohen says in his song (but with different words): first they’ll take Tel Aviv, then they’ll take london and Paris.
    If you really want to know the truth, don’t count my words, just open the history books, or ask yourself simple questions:
    what do you call a person who walks in to a crowded restaurant, bombing himself with everybody inside?
    what kind of person kidnaps a Prisoner of War, cuts his throat and shows it to the media?
    what kind of human kills his prisoner and cuts his penis and puts it in it’s mouth?
    what kind of human has no respect to the other side holy places?
    what kind of human has no respect for even his brother’s holy places, (sooni’s and shia’s fighting in Iraq for ex) that he is willing to bomb a mosk, a place that he usualy prays in it too?
    ask your self these questions and you’ll realize that Israel is fighting a cultural war, a war for democratic country, a war for LIFE, a country that is grown against all odds and with enemies wanting to distroy it from day one (1948) and before.
    to conclude , I am agaist war and against violance, but no diploamtic talks could stop NAZI GERMANY. IRAN’s and Hamas agenda is not that far from that of Hitler’s.

  4. When I was six (1976) I was lucky enough to visit the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The tour guide there explained (rather sensitively) how today it was a holy site for the Jews, Christians and Muslims. He mentioned that it was a subject of great controversy who should ultimately control it. I listened carefully, and set about solving the problem.
    Since the Turks had held it the longest, I reasoned, perhaps it made sense for them to control it. The guide was fairly stymied by my childhood solomonic wisdom.
    And I suppose if the Turks honestly believed that they had a legitimate claim to the place, we would now have to consider their point of view. And at least one clear thinking 6 year old would have imagined them justified in their actions.
    But to your question, is there a “we don’t need to look at the other side of the coin” test?
    When can we just say, “these people are basically evil- they are terrorist, Nazis, they want to drive Israel into the sea…lets be done with them.”?
    Well for me, it comes down to “could reasonable people disagree on this issue?” And very clearly, reasonable people around the world do disagree on this one, depending on their world-view.
    I think there are real risks in not recognizing that there are two sides to this conflict; it leads to the view that a) your enemy is basically irrational and/or evil b)and logically, when dealing with an irrational enemy, you really have to use any means necessary to win. That kind of logic sells well in Peoria, but leads to bad decisions — which is my whole problem with the Axis of Evil approach.
    I think it would be much more refreshing to hear someone say the truth: “you know, I am sure the enemy are basically good decent rational people (albeit with a different religion and value system) have a valid point to make, and are stuck with a tough situation; if I were in their shoes, I might feel exactly the same way they do. But since we both want this piece of land, we are going to have to wipe them out.”
    We used to call it Manifest Destiny.

  5. Ilan, seems to me that you’re summing up all Muslims the way one might call all Christians Pedophiles because a few priests were caught in that nasty act.
    You’re paranoid, despite your denial. No one it trying to wipe the Jews out in total. The world was taught a nasty lesson through Hitler – and he wasn’t even a Muslim.
    Just to enlighten you, a few extremists don’t categorize the whole of a nation. Could it be that most of the political figures you’ve mentioned are taking a very extreme stance on the west in general due to their feeling persecuted by the American/Israel alliance?
    I believe that Kid Croesus made a pretty valid point. Can you see that as well?

  6. I am positive Mark will not allow this to be posted but am writing anyway (thousands will read it everywhere else I post it.)
    Message to Mark Pincus:
    Much of the talk about the Isralei-Palestinian conflict is based over simplified media created sterotypes. They go as follows: Israel is a peace-loving democratic state that has been the subject of terrorist attacks by its fanatical muslim neighbors who hate freedom and democracy, and basically want to see an end to israel.
    What a bunch of BS and spin.
    To solve this crisis we need communication. And no communication can begin without a clear understanding of the facts. The facts are that Israel as a country did not exist just a few decades ago. The land of Palestine was ruled by the Ottomans, and the population was 90% arab and 10% jewish. After WWII the British empire declared that the land would from now on be a jewish state. Does anyone ever ask themselves WHY all arab countries hate israel and want to push it into the sea? Because they hate democracy? That is ridiculous. It is because the Palestinians lost their homeland when the British handed their land over to the Jews. Palestinians refugees live in camps and are treated like second class citizens in what used to be their own country. THAT is the reason that terrorists target israel. Ask any Arab person you know and they will tell you the same thing. When an Israeli tank has razed a village and someone has lost every single family member, has no home, has basically lost everything they have, that is when they turn to blowing themselves up. It is in anger at what happened to them, not because they hate anyone. Arabs hate Israel because they took the Palestinians land away from them BY FORCE. And acted by force to defend it.
    Israel on the other hand feels they have a basic religious right to occupy this land. All of their violence was justified in the name of religion. Now if you truly belive that is right in the name of religion, you are no better than George W. Bush.
    Until the world understands this nothing will be solved.
    In regards to the current crisis, only a complete idiot would write a post like this. Lebanese civilans dead: over 350. Isreali civilians dead: over 30. That’s a 10 to 1 difference. How can you stare at those factual numbers (unless you think they are made up in which case you are paranoid) and with a straight face say Israel cares more than Hezbollah about civilans? Have you seen what Lebanon looks like?
    In your example, what if a group of Texas militia kidpnapped a couple of Mexican soldiers in hatred of mexican immigrants. Let’s say Mexico retaliated by bombing Austin, and your father, mother and other family members were blown up. Now do you still feel Mexico had a right to “defend itself?” See how morally and intellectually corrupt your argument is?
    In the end, it doesn’t matter – it is the civilians who suffer, and Israel has clearly made more civilans suffer then Hezbollah. I know people who have lost family members, homes, land, their whole lives torn apart. There are hundreds of thousands of people in this situation right now. And then I realized something. Just like you don’t feel sorry for the bully in your high school because his family life must have been so fucked up for him to act that way – I think the same of Israel, with the blood of thousands on its hands, with its people constantly in fear, constantly under attack, living in a world of violence which it has propolgated by refusing to admit facts and face the truth. Sometimes, you’ve already lost the battle in the way you choose to fight (even if you eventually win the war). Better luck next time.

  7. Guess what. I know how this whole conflict will end. The Jews will rebuild their temple. Israel will be invaded from the north by an alliance of Russia, France, Spain, Belgium, Iran, Iraq, Ethopia,Libya, and part of Turkey. They will seize some economic assets of Israel. But Israel will win. According to prophecy, Jesus Christ will show up to win this “impossible” battle for Israel. The Bible has been prophecying all that’s going on there so far and I’ve been watching these events unfold with perfect accuracy. The time is soon! The Bible says those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed. Guess who I’m supporting… Wantta know the end? Read the Bible.

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