Did anyone listen to NPR talk of the nation today?

that was really painful. first, they interview some professor from a CA state university who talks about hezbolah and their new leader as if he might be the new president of france. hello?? this is the new head of an acknowledged terrorist organization that is directly backed by iran for the purpose of spreading islam!

and the host, neil konan?, showed some serious respect too. what has happened to our world. seems that after bush through out the whole idea of applying real moral principals to US actions (like torture is evil), that the whole media just follow suit.

one caller asked "isnt hezbolah just asking for israel to stop invading lebanon and to provide a map of the land mines it has left there?" i dont know which is more painful, the idiot caller or the person who decided to put them on the air. helllooo?!!! hezbolah is firing rockets from highly populated areas into other highly populated areas, targeting whomever they can hit.

where is the moral outrage? they call hezbolah ‘an armed militia’. why isnt that what we call al qaeda? oh yeah, bc they attack americans. but wait, didnt hezbolah claim responsibility for the attack that killed 300 marines in beirut? confusing. maybe you have to attack americans on our own soil to qualify as terrorists??

the *professor* also talked about how israel ‘kidnaps’ 1000’s of palestinians and then inprisons them and that’s all these guys are after with kinapping the two israeli soldiers. maybe he’s referring to the palestinian suicide bombers who are captured weekly entering israel (two more today). israel should have just let them blow themselves and their targets up. maybe we need a new bill of rights to cover this as they are clearly being denied their rights and according to the prof are now added to those being illegally held in israeli jails.

it’s funny how i’ve been called a pinko liberal by commentors to this blog, but it’s the progressives who seem to side with the palestinians and terrorists the most. confusing, huh?

2 thoughts on “Did anyone listen to NPR talk of the nation today?

  1. Technically, terrorists attack civilians and hide among civilians. One level above terrorist is guerrilla or freedom fighter. These folks actually attack military targets, whether or not there is a declared war. So the attack of our Marines you reference would qualify as a guerrilla or freedom fighter attack. A militia, on the other hand is merely a reservist associated with a regular army.
    The vast majority of Hezbollah actions qualify as terrorist, since they attack soft civilian targets in their pursuit of maximum civilian casualties and frankly terror. They also play to the world stage by firing their rockets from schools, populated rural areas and near UN buildings. Israel responds by bombing the area and obviously civilians die. By making martyrs of these innocents on their side Hezbollah can point the blame at Israel, a country that drops leaflets telling civilians to get out of the way before bombing. Of course, the world sucks up the “Israel targets civilians” sound-byte reinforcing this technique.
    On a slightly different topic, the world has called for a “proportional response” from Israel. Anyone who knows the slightest bit of military history (or history for that matter) will tell you that proportional responses are the worst approach. They lead to protracted battles with high casualties (wars of attrition). History shows us that disproportional and overwhelming military might saves lives by destroying the enemy’s will to fight a futile war. Simply compare trench warfare of WWI to the quick resolution of the war with Japan as a result of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As deadly as these bombings were, they facilitated a quick end to the war and saved lives. (Note: Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined for a total of about 360,000 deaths. Extended trench warfare along the Western Front in WWI led to more than 3M deaths.)

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