Bought YHOO today

i went pretty big on yahoo today. i’ve been wanting to own them for a while to make a macro bet on CPM ad rates going way up over next few years and since they got wacked 20% today for failing to keep up on CPC rates it was a fitting time to get in.

i am listing yahoo as a BUY (that is, i bought it as opposed to how wall street creates a BUY which is either they bought it previously and are now selling or they dont have a clue but want the banking business). my price was 25.55 and 25.75. since it closed at 25.20 you can get in even cheaper than me.

i think yahoo is a well run company and the best pure play bet on internet media you can find. i dont care if you buy it since none of you are rich enough to move the stock, but let me know if you do:)

7 thoughts on “Bought YHOO today

  1. I bought while the HUSBAND (Pierre) slept!!!!! By the way, thank you so much for the wedding gift! We look forward to seeing you soon….

  2. Bought some today on your recommendation. have also wanted to get into this for a while now.

  3. i made the mistake of posting before buying.
    i got in at $25.75
    still, its trading at a lower EBITDA multiple than News Corp
    that’s smells like a buy to me
    i sold a bunch of TWX to buy YHOO so it’s really a paired trade for me

  4. why do you think cpm rates will go up Mark?
    i think the opposite because of the growth of inventory…

  5. I’m in. Already had some shares, and going in more. Makes perfect sense to me.
    Between you and Fred Wilson, maybe you guys will start to move the market. Whats next– you going to start biting the heads off of little foam bulls?

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