update on yahoo mail

[super annoyed that my blackberry posts are not making it for some reason. so now i have to rewrite.]

brad garlinghouse, svp communications products at yhoo, responded within 12 hrs to my post. now that’s customer service. he had engineers contact me and now my mail is running super fast.

the reason i think this matters (other than my mail working again) is that this will encourage more people to provide feedback rather than just turn these services off. my guess is that the problem i was experiencing had to do with their new oddpost mail client and that many people were getting the slow down and just leaving.

i continue to be impressed with yahoo and have been recently considering buying their stock which looks like a decent to good buy here at $32 given their 37% projected earnings growth and 30 PE, the opposite of ebay (pre drop).

One thought on “update on yahoo mail

  1. I’ve noticed over the past few months (periodically) there seems to be lengthy delays when sending email via Yahoo mail. I haven’t experienced that once with gmail.

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