Corruption at the SEC?

there was yet another disturbing story in yesterday’s nytimes about allegations that the SEC fired an attorney for investigating hte head of a large hedge fund, pequot capital, who had close ties to bush. apparently the guy wanted to investigate political ties to the head of morgan stanley and then got fired. i just hope they can follow this money trail.

in this case the guy, gary aguirre, had just received a two step promotion when he was summarily fired with no explanation. what really aggravates me is that the SEC immediatly denies any wrong doing. when the facts are this obvious, why cant the guy say ‘wow, that is cause for concern and we will investigate’. i am happy to see congress looking into it and the nytimes broadcasting the story though.

One thought on “Corruption at the SEC?

  1. Marc, it’s the Mike Nash you remember from SupportSoft. I thought you would get a kick out of this story…it’s getting more interesting by the moment…at this minute over 330,000 people have watched this video…read the story first then watch the video…I find so many things interesting about the impact this will have to Comcast, other MSO’s, media companies, PR agencies…it will be interesting to watch…keep up the interesting Blogs…by the way Dave Temlak says hello and give Zinga a big kiss…glad she is still around…I know some of my clothes still have her fur on them…

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