Taggable CSPAN on the Web

i’ve been wondering lately what video for adults might look like on the web. (that’s opposed to adult video).

the coolest application i can imagine would be if the entire past library and current feed of cspan was made available. imagine the daily show on blogger steroids. what if thousands of people could share tags and annotations like google earth around this csan footage. the ants would replace the media as the real watchdogs (watchblogs). politicians wouldnt be able to sneak in one bad vote, missed meeting etc without it being blogged almost immediately.

imagine blogging about gore’s past voting record and embedding clips of him on the senate floor arguing for or against your cause.

bill gates talked about RADs, or what he calls reality acquisition devices. (dont think he’s the best at these catchy names. where’s steve jobs when you need him.) seems like cspan already is a RAD for politics.

with all the money put into the library of congress, just think how much more the govt could do for democracy by making this footage of them hard at work available to us all. funny they call it the library of congress. when’s the last time you went to an actual library? guess they’re not interested in offering the live feed of congress.

2 thoughts on “Taggable CSPAN on the Web

  1. I agree that it would be awesome to get a C-SPAN digital media archive online. But I was confused by the end of your post. C-SPAN isn’t run by the Library of Congress – it’s a private cable television network funded by other cable television networks and cable companies.
    Still, they do have a public service mission so I don’t know if the copyright concerns would be paramount, as compared to other private cable networks offering up their archives.
    C-SPAN has uploaded a few things to Google Video, although I suppose that’s not the most edit/remix friendly format.

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