inconvenient truths about al gore

i have to say that while i’m generally happy to see al gore’s new movie ‘inconvenient truth’ get so much attention as it will raise our consciousness around global warming, it’s also bothered me how far everyone seems to be going with urging us all to see it ‘to do your part’.  i have a number of mixed feelings about all this and al gore.

first, it’s a brilliant presentation and shows incredible vision on gore’s part to have been crusading for this for so long.

second, if the content of this article from guerilla news network is accurate it paints gore to be like most politicians, a painfully mixed bag of good and bad.

In fact, Al Gore’s voting record as a senator was surprisingly conservative until he rolled his eye toward the White House. Throughout most of his career, he was pro-life and had an 84% anti-abortion rating from the National Right to Life Committee. From 1979 – 81, he voted five times on the side of a Republican sponsored rider that granted a tax exemption for schools like Bob Jones University that discriminate on the basis of race. He was openly anti-gay, calling homosexuality “abnormal” and “wrong,” and telling the Tennessean in 1984 that he did “not believe it is simply an acceptable alternative that society should affirm.” Gore was such a strong supporter of the gun lobby – ultimately voting against the critical 1985 legislation for a mandatory 14-day waiting period for handgun purchases – that National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre once said, “We could have made Al Gore NRA Man of the Year – every single vote.” Finally, when it came time to vote on conservative Supreme Court nominees, Gore publicly praised but voted against the scandal-ridden Clarence Thomas. He voted in Antonin Scalia. If the wider public had been more aware of his legacy, few would have recognized the Al Gore of 1988 who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination.

third, it bothers me that the movie doesnt spend 5 minutes on informing us what actions we can take to address the problem.

and fourth, i met al gore at the TED conference and he had no interest in my eparty idea so i decided to have no interest in his global warming (just kidding).

3 thoughts on “inconvenient truths about al gore

  1. ‘inconvenient truth’ is about global warming. Not about being a liberal or a democrat. Who says you cannot vote outside your lines?

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