da vinci code movie sucks! miss it!

i wasted 2.5 hrs (which felt like 4hrs) on this horrible movie which didnt do justice to the terrific book. tom hanks put in his worst performance ever. seemed like he had a cold or was just very low on energy. the female lead (still no idea who she was) was a complete zero. i got the feeling even the albino dude (in the one role ever written for him) was wondering what he was doing here. 

4 thoughts on “da vinci code movie sucks! miss it!

  1. Hey Mark,
    Female lead is Audrey Tautou (sp?) of “Amelie” fame. If you haven’t seen “Amelie” you ought to. At least it will rinse the bad taste out of your mouth from DVC.

  2. i was wondering about this one.
    thanks for the heads up…I am one to leave a movie if it sucks. I can barely stand to waste my time.
    Too bad really. I loved the book.
    xo – zz

  3. Yep, it sucked badly. But i disagree with you about 1 thing: the book aint as great to begin with. The speed of narrative and its relative short lenght makes it an easy read. But like a mcdonald burger it may fix u for the dinner, and apears to have flavor but is actually very tasteless compared to a real burger. My 2 cents…

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