Bush’s new rhetoric – heard at hayden hearings today

anyone listening to today’s confirmation hearings for general hayden for cia director will pick up on the new rhetoric.

so now they’re saying that

  1. this administration claims it has already stopped al qaeda with its covert actions, evidenced by the lack of successive incidents. they repeatedly reference several proven cases. dont you think they would publicize any evidence to support their war on terror? they seem to publicize false evidence. why not real?
  2. the biggest threat to our country is all the leaks. this has helped al qaeda more than anything else. if it werent for the leaks (and the amin having to answer to the people) all would be well.
  3. anyone who disagrees with the policy of unauthorized wire taps and phone record searching is simply ‘ignorant’. they repeatedly refer to the ‘uninformed critics’.

it was also humorous and painful to hear general hayden talk about the level of checks and balances he employed at NSA. he pointed to the NSA general counsel! wow, that makes me feel safe. so he asked his employee whether his actions were ok. then he said that within a few weeks of the operation they briefed ‘leading members’ of the house intelligence committee. so it sounds like he informed a few republicans too. but then he complains about the level of leaks and implies that if he just didnt have to tell anyone what he was doing we’d all be safer.

folks, when are we all going to wake up and realize that the government is using fear of an invisible enemy to perpetuate unchecked power, spending and corruption?

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