stephen colbert tears bush a new a-hole

one of the most heroic speaches i can remember hearing. check out his address (and part II) to the white house press dinner. amazing to actually see him stand a few feet from bush and totally roast him. according to democracy now, the mainstream media completely ignored his speach and chose to only report on how funny the president was with his impersonator. even the nytimes skipped it until they finally had to report on the internet reaction.

he takes the opportunity to roast every republican in the room and fox news. he hits every bad scandal from plume to the retired generals dissenting against rumsfeld. he totally mocks bush. he turns to him and says he admires his energy policy of cutting tumble weeds on his ranch to put into mesquitte powered cars.

9 thoughts on “stephen colbert tears bush a new a-hole

  1. The Press were probably concerned about Colbert’s roast of them as well. This is why they want to control Internet access, where for the moment, freedom of speech is alive and well.

  2. I was at a conference last week with some non-journos who attended the dinner. The reason the press didn’t write about Colbert was that apparently he bombed in person. It was hilarious on youtube/ifilm/etc. but sucked in person. The reporters at the dinner didn’t have any idea that anyone else would ever care (though i suspect Colbert knew exactly what he was doing).

  3. Stephen Colbert’s press dinner roast was about as close to the White House as the Democrats will get over the next 8 years. The humor was *great*, don’t get me wrong, but it would’ve been a real roast if he could’ve worked Democratic-party solutions into his thing.
    The reality of that presentation, though, would’ve been far less amusing – except, of course, to Republicans in the room.

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