More on CA/kumar fraud

So the paper goes on to say that the former chairman, charles wang, can’t be charge with fraud because there’s a 5 year statute of limitations. Now why do you think that exists? Wonder who paid off lawmakers to buy that piece of insurance.

Kumar admits that the company was cooking its books all through the 90’s when wang was running the show but pretty convenient for kumar to wait till just after the 5 yrs is up. Wow. Loyal to the end. Even the mafia has its own ethics code.

So wang, you piece of shit. You better hope we never meet in a public place. Ill be sure to tell you what I think and could care less how many dollars or politicians are lining your pockets.

And I love that the company agreed to a 225m restitution fund for injured investors. So now that these crooks have taken their profits, make the new equity holders payoff the old. That way we can fine even more innocent investors for being dumb enough to buy stock in a US F500 corporuption. Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

2 thoughts on “More on CA/kumar fraud

  1. I never trusted those guys either. Not only are they crooks, but they were known to treat their employees like shit. ISTR reading once that they only allow people to check email three times a day, and disable network access except during those time windows.

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