Anyone noticing huge spam on their blackberry?

My dad and I have both noticed that we get a massive amount of spam on our blackberries. Way more than our regular email accounts. Wondering if these service providers do anything about it? Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

3 thoughts on “Anyone noticing huge spam on their blackberry?

  1. Re: spam on blackberry: I have a Tmobile blackberry, I signed up with “OnlyMyEmail” as a spam filter, I route my email through there and it eliminates spam very well, it costs something like $5/month or such, i.e. modest.
    You might ck it out.

  2. I have just completed work on a BlackBerry Spam Filter. I initially built the program for myself after putting up with a lot of spam for years, but have decided to release it after a few folks requested it.
    I am now running a public beta test for anyone who is interested. If you’re interested in trying it out, please sign up for the beta test program. Every little bit helps.
    Suggestions on what you would want to see in a BlackBerry spam filter would also help greatly.
    – Cheers

  3. I am convinced that the Blackberry mail system has been hacked and users email addresses are being compromised. I have a system for “tagging” my emails so that each sender gets a unique (very difficult to randomly guess) email address. The only way that spam could reach me would be by some system breach. Nice one corporate data guardians – you have compromised your users yet again. (and not admitted it as usual).

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