Myspace revenue $200M this year

Todays nytimes has a great piece on myspace. Highlights include

* company says it will top 200M in revs * second most trafficked site at 30B pv’s/mo * no idea how to monetize beyond banners * banners selling for .10 cpm * implication that fox will make more acquisitions * disagreement between founders and fox execs on how to monetize (hope they let founders decide) Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

5 thoughts on “Myspace revenue $200M this year

  1. While Myspace only sells banners at a .10 cpm, do you know what their daily rate is for their home page banner?

  2. Hi Mark,
    I am Final yr mba student from india.I got to give a presentation on “My space revenue
    Models(Various ways they generate revenue)
    It would be great if u could share some info regarding this topic.
    Please help me out with some url’s or info regarding the same
    Thanks and Regards

  3. Dear Sir,
    Do you know how I could contact ? They are currently selling a product that contains stolen, copywrited photography.
    As I am the photographer, from which the image was stolen, I will be seeking legal action against the designer of this product.
    But first I want to stop any further sales of the “myspace resource pack”. Do you happen to know who the designer of this product is? Any information you could supply would be greatly appreciated.
    Most Respectfully
    Mrs. Caroline Everitt

  4. hey am a student at Artesia High School in Lakewood California. Well I was told to do a project on any page that the internet has and so i choose to do my ressearch on myspace. The reason I choose myspace is because I love using myspace everyday and sinces I love myspace I though it would be so awsome to learn how it got started and stuff like that, instead of just being in myspace.So i will appreciate you if u send me some information about it to do my research on myspace and get my first grade on my ECONOMICS CLASS.
    Lots of thanks sincerely, Daisy Triana.

  5. The Digestion Phase: How We Got Here And Where We Are Going Next

    Everything is cyclical. From stock markets to our daily lives we see cycles; on the macro scale of economics and on a micro level of entymology there are cycles. Technology is no exception: it follows the ups and downs,…

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